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A & C Damp Proofing Ltd - Tanking Systems

Tanking Systems

Basement waterproofing, also known as tanking, is a process used to stop structures or properties built at ground level or below from leaking as a result of water pressure. Our two main methods of tanking include:

1. Cementitious structural waterproofing
2. Cavity drain membrane

With a wilth of experience caring for properties, our experts here at A & C Damp Proofing can determine which method would be most suitable for your property with a thorough damp survey.

Cellar Tanking:

The installation of a cavity drainage membrane is a quick and effective way of preventing damp and all of the associated problems. It involves installing a high density plastic membrane to act as a dry, protective lining for the basement and cellar walls and floor. The membrane is attached to the wall using battens and allows water to continue to penetrate the structure while allowing the walls to breathe and partially dry out. We also offer the option of the most traditional method for basement waterproofing - cellar tanking. This involves coating the walls, ceiling and floor in multiple coats of render. It is a simple method in which a waterproof mix of sand and cement is applied to the surfaces to act as a barrier against dampness.

Hey'di k11 tanking is also suitable for above ground applications in traditional stone built properties where chemical damp course injection is not suitable due to the thickness of the walls or the risk of penetrating damp may be high.

Here at A & C Damp proofing we are soverign approved. Sovereign Hey'di System is an internationally renowned water proof tanking system for the protection of structures from moisture. Sovereign Hey'di System is used to waterproof basements and cellars so that they can be turned into dry, habitable rooms. The Sovereign Hey'di System can also be used to keep water from leaking out of structures so can be used to waterproof swimming pools and drinking water tanks. This can also be used above ground.

No matter which method of basement waterproofing you require, we can guide you through every decision here at A & C Damp Proofing.